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Anita's Woolery

 Alpaca products are light weight and warm. The fiber is eco-friendly and hypo-allergetic. All of the products offered in my store are made from USA raised alpacas and produced in the USA. Unless stated they are made of 100% Huacaya Alpaca fiber. Most of the items are made with fiber from my animals raised in North Carolina. The yarns are all mill proccessed. I do not dye my fiber so any items that are made of my fiber are all natural. To order just order the items. Payment is by Pay-Pal, check, or money order. The order will ship after payment is received.  I will ship items Priority Mail so post office boxes are fine.  All price are in US funds. Pictures of the items are below the title description.   



American made Alpaca Scarf with fiber from North Carolina.  This is by far our warmest scarf made of 100% American Alpaca fiber.  Matching knit style to our Brim winter hat.  One size fits all.  These are scarves made of natural fibers that are not dyed.  The softness and the hypo-allergenic properties of alpaca fiber makes this a great luxurious choice for people not able to wear wool comfortably. Great for men and women.

Handmade White Scarf $ 40.00

This is a scarf that was hand knit with care with American Alpaca fiber from AMC Cassino on my farm in North Carolina. The pattern is one that I created and is an open stitch but still warm.  The scarf is very soft and delicate and measures approximately 4 inches wide and 55 inches long.  

This product is made with one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers.  No dyes were used in the production. 

Ruffled Hand Knit Scarf $ 50.00

A hand knit scarf made of 100% American Alpaca with fiber grown in North Carolina. The delicate ruffled scarf is approximately 4.5 inches wide and 52 inches long made with natural alpaca fiber that is not dyed.

One size fits all.  Alpaca fiber is one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers available for fashionable wear. If you have allergies to wool be sure to try alpaca, you will be surprised at the difference. 

Alpaca Jersey Knit Scarf $ 20.00

American made jersey knit alpaca scarf.  This scarf is knit with 100% natural alpaca fiber from North Carolina. No dyes are used.  Great accessory to any outfit.  Wear it with jeans or a dress coat.  

Scarf measures 8.5 inches by 60 inches including the fringe.   A great affordable luxury present. 


Cable and Lace Scarf $ 65.00

"NEW" A cable and lace scarf brings a new level of elegance to my line of available scarves. The scarf is made using a new yarn design made from the softest alpaca fiber and knit from a wonderful pattern.  

The scarf measures approximately 78 inches by 10 inches to ensure a wonderful fit regardless of how the scarf is worn. 

Toasty Fawn Patterned Scarf   $ 45.00

I made this scarf with the knowledge that there would be no wrong side.   Both sides of the pattern look the same.

It is American made with alpaca fiber from Ghost Dancer's Natrass.  He is on the farm in North Carolina.  His fiber at the age of over 2 years old just won 1st Place in a Spin Off competition.  The hand spinner judge commented that she could not believe the fiber was not from a baby. That is how nice his fiber is holding.


The scarf measures approximately: 64 inches by 10 inches.

The scarf is all natural color from natural fiber.


Hand wash

and dry flat. 

Comforting Fawn Scarf    $ 50.00

Hand knit American baby alpaca scarf.  The scarf is made of an inviting natural fawn color from my alpacas in North Carolina. The scarf is about 3 inches wide and 46 inches long including the ruffle at either end. This is a hypo-allergenic scarf made of natural fibers.  100% alpaca fiber is hand knitted into this scarf with lots of care.

A delicate scarf that will add style to any outfit and is the softest you will every feel. 

Handmade Dark Brown Alpaca Scarf    $ 40.00

This is a very appealing scarf made with a large knitting needle.  This makes it appear very open.  The natural color dark brown fiber is from 3 Hawk Sir Charles of North Carolina.  The American made scarf of 100% natural fiber.


This scarf is approximately 48 inches by 7 inches.   It will look nice with jeans or casual wear.  The color is very usable with various colors. This is a great contrast rich color.


Hand wash the scarf and dry flat. 

Baby Alpaca Scarf    $ 50.00

This is a woven scarf made of American baby alpaca fiber. This is a nice neutral fawn color that is good for male or female.  An American made scarf of natural fiber and no dyes used.

The scarf measures approximately 12.5 inches wide and 66 inches long. The scarf will be a great accent to any outfit.


Alpaca is one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers made in the USA. 

Handmade Black & White Bulky Scarf   $ 40.00

This is a very unique one of a kind scarf made of all natural alpaca fiber from North Carolina.  This is American made yarns from Ghost Dancer's Cheyenne and  Ghost Dancers Sunny.

This scarf is made using the crotchet hook Q 26.  The size is approximately 68 inches by 7 inches.


This is a very warm and stylish 100% Alpaca scarf.

Hand wash and dry flat.