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All of the yarn offered on this site is made in the USA at mini-mills or hand spun.  The yarn is 100% natural alpaca of natural color from the animals on my farm in North Carolina.  If there is another natural fiber added to any of the yarn it will be noted in the description along with the percentage.

Elvira's Ultra Fine Luscious Brown Yarn $ 31.95

You are purchasing 3 ply bulky Ultra Fine natural colored alpaca yarn.  It was produced at a mini mill in the USA.

This yarn is great for any project you have in mind as it will be great against your skin.  Alpaca is one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers and also fire resistant. 

Elvira is one of the animals on the farm and future yarn will be available.

Sold in skeins approximately 200 yards and/or 4.5 ounces

Callie's Fine Glowing Rich Brown Yarn $ 46.29

You are purchasing a rich brown fine 100% alpaca yarn.  This is 4 ply bulky made with natural fiber from Callie on the farm in North Carolina.  This yarn was processed in the USA at a mini mill.  Great for any project.

Alpaca is long lasting and fire resistant.  You are buying a green fiber.

Skein is approximately 200 yards and/or 6.25 ounces

Sophia's Bulky Worsted Yarn $ 58.55

This yarn is 2 ply bulky worsted weight Superfine.  This is great for all the fluffy items you may considering making.

The yarn is 100% natural North Carolina alpaca fiber from Running Bear and Sophia.  This yarn is very soft and inviting baby alpaca yarn.

Skeins are approximately 150 yards and/or 6.3 ounces

Skein Size

Prince Andrew's Super Fine Finger Yarn $ 36.92

2 Ply Finger weight worsted 100% Natural colored North Carolina Alpaca.  Prince Andrew is multi-shades of Fawn and makes a great warm and toasty color when spun.  The yarn was spun at a mini mill in the USA. The yarn is smooth as silk.

Skeins are approximately 300 yards and/or 5,2 ounces each

Prince Andrew's Sundae Sweet Bulky Yarn $ 44.20

This yarn is so warm and sweet looking, that you will be captivated.  Prince Andrew's bulky yarn is great for lace knitting and crocheting.  You will make beautiful items that will be the envy of others.   The yarn is spun in natural color at a mini mill in the USA.  Prince Andrew is one of the favorites with my crafters.  Don't miss the chance to have some of this highly sought after color.

Skein size is approximately 300 yards and/or 5.2 ounces

Skein Size

Sunny's Warm & Toasty 3 Ply Bulky Yarn   $ 63.90

A bulky yarn made from 100% Natural North Carolina Alpaca.  Sunny is one of the favorite boys on the farm for his great fiber.  This bulky yarn is made of natural color, hypo-allergenic fiber that is fire resistant.  The soft and smooth feel of this Superfine fiber makes wonderful clothing items.

Skein size approximately 200 yards and/or 8.75 ounces

Grey Ghost 2 Ply Bulky Yarn   $ 28.50

This is a light weight natural dark gray 100% North Carolina alpaca yarn.  This is made from the complete blanket of Cinnamon's Grey Ghost.  He is a 3 year old male Huacaya alpaca.

Very luxuriously looking gray yarn with different shades making it very reflective in the light.

The skeinds are approximately 3.75 ounces and 200 yards.

Cassino's 3 Ply worsted Yarn    $ 42.75

Gorgeous 100% Natural color Huacaya alpaca yarn.  This is a 3 ply worsted weight yarn that is made of one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers raised in the USA.  AMC Cassino is one of my herd sires and has all the best qualities in his fiber.

Each skein is approximately 5.75 ounces and 200 yards.


This yarn can be dyed if you so desire.  Alpaca has been tested and is fire resistant.

Ghost Dancer's True Black Crias   $ 48.28

Baby Alpaca true black 100% natural color yarn made from 3 of my babies in North Carolina.

This is extremely soft, fine, light weight 2 ply bulky yarn.

Skeins are approximately 6.8 ounces and 300 yards 

There is one short skein 

Skein Size

Alpacablacka True Black Worsted Yarn     $ 31.45

Shinny natural true black 100% North Carolina alpaca yarn.  This is yarn made from Alpacablacka on the farm.  She has very uniform and fine fiber.   This is an eco-friendly natural fiber that is fire resistant.

This will make great finished projects.  Great for knitting or crocheting.

Each skein is approximately 3.7 ounces and 120 yards 

3 Ply