Baby & Children Products

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Alpaca Items Made Especially For The Little Ones

Baby Bunny Blanky $ 45.00

The little ones will just love this "just right size" Blanky to carry everywhere.

Hand crocheted with 100% North Carolina alpaca fiber from LHA Barry.  It is a very soft pale fawn color.  Measures approximately 18 1/2 inches from bottom tip to rabbit ear tip and 13 1/2 inches from left paw to right paw tip.

This is made of a natural color from natural fiber.  Alpaca is also fire resistant after scientific tests.


Heirloom Baby Blanket $ 175.00

This is one of a kind hand knit baby blanket. It will be a great heirloom for generations to come to your family.

This blanket is made of the most hypo-allergenic natural alpaca fibers from North Carolina.  The blanket is American made of natural color.  NO DYES


Blanket measures approximately 34 inches by 47 inches.  A great size for the crib or bed.  It will become the child's favorite blanket and they can continue to use it as a throw later in life

Children's Designed Gloves $ 10.00

Hand knit alpaca gloves. They are for the children in your life.  The children will treasure these decorative gloves that were hand knit with care. They have been knit from American alpaca fiber in Peru by women with years of experience.


Alpaca Finger Puppets $ 3.00

A hand knit American made natural brown alpaca necklace with brown beads.  This is made with a chain made of "I" Cord knitting.  The necklace has approximately an 18 inch chain with 3 brown beads.  This necklace looks great at as accent for jeans or casual wear.  


Hand wash and dry flat 

Girl's Black Knit Hat & Scarf Set $45.00

Hand knit 100% North Carolina true black natural alpaca hat and scarf.  The hat and scarf is all alpaca except the heart on both items.  The heart is knit from bamboo.  This is a totally natural product that is fire resistent. Made with the finest alpaca fiber.

The set is great for the little girl in your life.  Alpaca is a long lasting natural fiber. 


Girls size:  6-8 hat

                3" x 36" approximately  Scarf

Machine wash on "Handwash Cycle" or wash by hand and block to air dry.  Can be spot cleaned

Child's Gray & White Hat & Scarf Set  $45.00

Hand knit 100% North Carolina Alpaca tossel hat and scarf set.  This is made of natural colored alpaca fiber.  It is warm and very fashionable for your child.  Alpaca is fire resistent and a green product.   Great color for accessorizing the little ones winter wear.  Very soft and one of the most hypo-allergenic natural fibers available. Made with the finest alpaca fiber.

Size: 6-8 Hat

        5" x 38" approximately  Scarf

Machine wash on "Handwash Cycle" or wash by hand and block to air dry.  Can be spot cleaned

Child's Brown & White Hat, Scarf, & Fingerless Mittens  $ 55.00

Hand knit with 100% bulky North Carolina natural alpaca fiber.  This set is made with 4 ply bulky yarn from the alpacas on the farm.  A very warm and cute set for the child of your choice.  Alpaca is fire resistent and a green product.  Made from the finest fiber on the alpaca.

Size:  6-8 Hat

          4" x 31" approximately scarf

Machine wash on "Handwash Cycle" or wash by hand.  Block and air dry.  This set can also be spot cleaned.