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All the items on this page are made of American raised alpaca fiber and produced in the United States. Everything here is very useful and durable. They are made of 60% Alpaca and 40% Merino wool.


American made place mats.  Made with 60% North Carolina Alpaca fiber and 40% American Merino wool. Measures

approximately 16" x 10 1/2".  Spot clean and/or hand wash and dry flat.  Makes a great house warming or family heirloom gift. 


Felted Soap $ 6.50

American hand made felted soap. I use French milled naturally moisturizing and soothing soap of pure Rosemary Mint.  The fragrance is great and you have your soap covered by natural North Carolina Alpaca fiber.  The fiber is felted onto the soap so you need nothing else for your shower.  Great gifts and don't forget buy for yourself.


American made decorative Trivet (Hot Pads). Made from 60% North Carolina Alpaca fiber and 40% American Merino Wool.  Measures approximately 9" round. All recipients treasure these for years to come. Spot wash and/or hand wash and dry flat.

Felted Ornaments $ 5.00

Various needle felted ornaments.  There are many different styles.  I have needle felted them from Alpaca fiber grown in North Carolina on my farm.  All the colors are natural from natural fiber.  Great gifts for the small and the large.


Braided chair pad with ties.  Fits most rockers. Measures approximately 13" diameter. Ties are approximately 20" long.  American made of 60% North Carolina Alpaca fiber and 40% American Merino wool. Braided into a very pretty and useful chair pad.

Laundry Basket   $ 80.00

American made Alpaca laundry basket.  Made in the USA with recycled corded material and Alpaca fiber from North Carolina for a sturdy all purpose basket. Measures approximately 12" high and 18" base.  Has many uses in the house.  Spot wash and/or hand wash and dry naturally.  This is a basket that will look great with any decor and last for years. 

Waste Basket  $ 55.00


 The new Alpaca Waste basket is American made with Alpaca fiber from North Carolina and corded material to create
a very sturdy basket with great appeal to any decor. Measures 12" high and 10" base. Use of recycled printed cotton fabric.  Will last for many years.  

All Purpose Tote  $ 80.00

Great tote for the knitter, weaver, show person, shopper, and beach goer.  American made of Alpaca fiber from North Carolina, American Merino wool, and recycled corded material.  Measures approximately 16" wide and 14" high with lots of room inside.  2 corded handles.  Spot clean and/or hand wash then let dry naturally. 

Heart Shaped Braided Alpaca Rug  $ 80.00

This a heart shaped 27" rug made of 60% Alpaca and Merino and30% cotton for the bright colors. Made from USA raised fiber and produced in the USA.  Buy American  Remember this is a green product.