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3 Hawk Alpacas Open Farm Store Day

We are opening our Farm Store for a day of shopping for the Holiday Season.

Hours:  10 AM until 5 PM

There will be  all USA made alpaca products for sale.  Some of the products are made in New England at a Fibe processing mill and others are handmade using the yarn from the Alpaca on the farm.

We have gloves, hats, scarves, Smart Wool Alpaca Socks of various styles.

There are also household products including the last of the 100% Alpaca blankets from Pendleton.  These are beautiful blankets with natural alpaca fiber used to create blankets with the Pendleton quality.

We also have place mats, rugs  and hot pads made of Alpaca with re-cycled cotton.  All natural colors of alpaca.

You can also observe the alpacas in their natural environment.  Meet "Callie", she is our Public Relations Alpaca and she likes children very much.  You will have the opportunity to take picture with Callie.

This would make for a nice family shopping experience that will have unique gifts available for purchase.  Some are one of a kind.

Hope to see you Saturday November 29, 2014

Alpaca Farm Store

All items in my farm store are produced in the USA from USA fiber. We are making jobs for Americans and paying them a proper price for their ability.  Please take a look at my store and be sure you will be buying "Green".

The yarns in my farm store are all produced at mini-mills in the USA from only my Alpacas' fiber. I am now labeling my yarns by the animals that supplied the fiber for the yarn. Purchase yarn from me and I will include a picture of the animal that supplied the fiber.

Remember to be sure to support our economy as we as a country are in need of some stablizataion in our finicial sector.

Heart Shaped Alpaca Rug

This is the newest addition to my farm store. This is a rug made in the USA. This is a 27" rug made of 2/3 Alpaca-Merino yarn and 1/3 cotton fabric. This popular country design adds a splash of color to the deep rich earth tones of the Alpaca Yarns.

Available Now