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I normally don't like to drop names, but in this case I will make an exception.  Cassino deserves name dropping.

His paternal grand sire is none other then Ppperuvian El Moustachio, one of the top Accoyo Peruvians. On his maternal side his grand sire is the Peruvian Accoyo Pperuvian Caligula who has since passed away. If this is not enough of the great gentics add to that his paternal great grand sire, Peruvian Hemingway, and maternal great grand sire, Peruvian Don Julio, who has been residing in Australia for some time now.

These are some of the best of the best.  He is 100% Peruvian, 50% Accoyo, and also has the Allianza genes.

This is one great guy and he has the looks to prove it. I am excited as his first 2 progeny are due late spring 2009. I will supply some pictures as soon as the little ones arrive.  I am sure they will be fantastic.


Looking for great Alpaca fiber?


Look no farther, you have found the perfect combination in Cassino. He exhibits the fine fleece characteristics of

long staple and bright bold crimp from skin to tip. At 2 years of age his fiber test results were impressive.

ADF of 21.0, SD of 4.1, CV of 19.5, and %>30u of 1.8.  


























As you can see he has the perfect Accoyo face and perfect top knot. 

Cassino has the large bones, proper conformation, good coverage, and a gentle disposition.  Cassino is not only genetically great but also phenotypically. He is very intellegent and learns quickly.  He is a joy to work with and train.  He will add some really great coverage, fleece, and size to our Crias in the future. His grand sires have left the color of the Dams come through on the Crias and I expect the same from him.

You have seen off spring of his lineage at shows and now you will be able to tap into those great genetics. 

Stay tuned, as soon as he has off spring they will be posted here.  I am planning on using him in my spring breedings. 




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Look at that Crimp- that is why he is still placing at his age