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Callie Helping To Mow (The mower is running and cutting the grass along the drive)

September 12, 2009

This a slide show of Callie helping to mow along the drive coming into the farm.  She is one alpaca that is not afraid of any running machinery on the farm.  Callie is our Reserve Champion in more ways then one.  If you would like to lease her for a school activity, birthday party, or other event please contact me and we can work out the details.   She is great around children of all ages.  She will be the hit of your event.

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White Oak Elmentary School

April 24, 2009

On Friday April 24,2009 Callie and I went to school for the day to visit the first graders.  Callie was a great little trooper and just loved all of the children.  She got to see more children then originally planned.  The pre-schoolers could see her from their window and were trying to guess if she was a reindeer or big dog.  Once she went over to them they knew they had been wrong.  They have a book called "My Mama's a Llama" so that is what they thought she was.  Really that is very good on their part for knowing she looked similar to the animal in their book. Kudos to the teachers and students.

The first graders had numerous very good questions about alpacas from where they come from to what they eat. They also were able to look at some items made of 100% American Alpaca.  They were able to handle yarns, scarves, gloves, raw fiber, hand spun yarn, a felted purse, knit purse, and one of the 1st American 100% Alpaca Blankets made commercially in the United States.

It was a very enjoyable day that I was grateful to be able to put on for the students....


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